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I have always been reluctant to go to a car dealership to look at cars because you hear horror stories about buyer's bad experiences. Many times, the salesman is too pushy, aggressive, and wants the buyer to make a fast decision. There is also the lengthy negotiation process where the salesman has to get approval from a manager every time the buyer makes an offer or counter offer. In some cases, the buyer leaves the dealership without an agreement, only to receive a call from the salesman one or two days later where the salesman is ready to accept the buyer's original offer. The process of buying a car can be lengthy and require a lot of patience. The buyer must also be willing to walk away empty handed to show the dealer what a great negotiator the buyer is. As bad as some of my past experiences have been and the stories I have read and/or heard, I had a very pleasant experience buying a car at Landers Auto Sales in Benton, AR. My salesman was Dustin Curtis, and he was very professional and never exerted any pressure to buy a car. Instead, he listened to my requirements and showed a BMW SUV, which met all of my demands. Initially, I did not think the SUV was sporty enough, but after Dustin explained all of the engine and suspension specifications along with the interior features, I decided to take a test drive. During the test drive, Dustin showed me how to use the Dynamic Traction Control and Rapid Hill Descent features. He also demonstrated how quick the vehicle accelerates to a comfortable cruising speed for the interstate, which is 80% of my driving time. After the test drive, Dustin allowed me to take the car to a trusted mechanic, who found the vehicle in perfect working condition. As far as the price, Dustin offered me the vehicle at a price very close to the value calculated by Kelley Blue Book. There was no game where Dustin and I traded offers and counter offers. He never said he had to talk to his manager as he handled the entire negotiation himself. I hope prospective buyers will read this review and contact Dustin at Landers Auto Sales for their auto buying needs. He is very courteous and professional. Dustin is very educated about the technical specs of all of the various automobiles including Bluetooth, entertainment features, and options for surviving slippery and unsafe driving conditions. Dustin will not pressure any buyers and will offer a fair price during the initial negotiation. Buyers will experience a pleasant and successful experience when choosing Dustin for their auto buying needs.


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Since 1970, Cowboy Certified Pre-Owned has been providing car shoppers in Little Rock area with an impressive selection of pre-owned vehicles. We special in vehicles that offer workhorse capabilities. Our inventory is always well-stocked with crossover, SUV and truck models that are ready for any challenge. We will help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs, that will also fit within your budget.

From our Little Rock location, Cowboy Certified Pre-Owned is able to offer our services a wide area. This includes Bryant, Little Rock, Conway, Fayetteville, Hot Springs and the surrounding area.